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Xiao Yao Dao (逍遥道) allows brands to cost-effectively reach independent Chinese travelers through digital initiatives with real, trackable results. With a wide range of prices and ways to opt in, Attract China utilizes Xiao Yao Dao to raise awareness and drive inbound Chinese business to individual locations small and large.
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Attract China builds and promotes your mandarin presence to millions of Chinese travelers.

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In 2012, Chinese tourists spent $102 billion on 82 million trips abroad, becoming the world’s biggest spenders. While group-tours were once the norm, 70% are now designated independent travelers. And even though China has 700 million interent users, of which 55% use Chinese social media channels, Western brands, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc, are banned in the country.

"$9.2 Billion spent by Chinese visitors to USA in 2012"

US Department of Commerce

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Attract China builds and promotes your mandarin presence to millions of Chinese travelers.

About Attract China's Chinese Facing Brand:
逍遥道 - XiaoYaoDao

English Pronunciation:
In English it’s pronounced: Shāow Yáow Dàow

English Translation:
The Gateway for Getaway

– 逍遥 (Xiao Yao) is inspired from Zhuangzi’s 逍遥游 (Xiao Yao You), the book can be literally translated as “happy and boundless excursion” or “free and easy wandering”. This Daoism word also conveys a deep feeling of “being totally free”.
– 道 echoes with Zhuangzi’s Daoism philosophy, it also contains multiple meanings, which include “gateway”, “principle”, ”way” and “approach”. Meanwhile, 道 sounds like its homophonic character 到 (Dao), which means arriving in a destination. They are both highly relevant with traveling and hospitality industry.
– Even 逍遥 has a very strong cultural connotation, it is actually a popular and casual expression used in today’s hospitality industry. (E.g. most hoteliers name their “weekend getaway package” as 周末逍遥)

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