We are the leading gateway

to the Chinese traveler

Our focus is on outbound Chinese tourism to North America. Our innovative digital marketing solutions enable our world-class client base to cost effectively attract independent Chinese travelers.

The Attract China Roadmap Ensures We Exceed Our Partners’ Expectations

  • We are experts in attracting Chinese tourists to your destination.? In order to be successful, we have to be. Providing expert solutions allows our clients to excel, profit, and move forward ahead of the competition.

    Here’s a glance at key Attract China executives based at our main office in New York:

    David BeckerDavid BECKER, CEO, has 18 years of experience in the digital industry and is a serial entrepreneur. He is skilled at taking start-up companies to the next level. Key successes include the public listing of the game show company Uproar.com, which had a peak valuation of $1.1BN. David has an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

    Tracy AN has over 16 years of extensive experience in strategic planning, investment, and business development. She has deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries, and she has led operations and strategic direction for several start-up and growth organizations in dynamic and changing markets. She obtained two master degrees in the UK.

    Paull RANDTPaull RANDT is an international investment and business strategy specialist with many years of experience in China and Asia. He has an MBA from the Yale School of Management. He joined the Attract China team in mid-2016.

    Anita ZHENGAnita ZHENG is a rising senior from CUNY Baruch College. As a millennial from a Chinese background, she has unique insights into the Chinese market and Chinese social media.

  • We’re not just about forward thinking, we’re about being ahead of the curve. Attract China was founded on the idea that successful innovation is necessary to move forward and be ahead of the competition. It’s the only way to gain exposure and stand out; be proactive, not reactive.

  • You have to put yourself out there to be noticed. At Attract China, we focus on building and maximizing exposure, putting your destination on the map and allowing China to see the best you have to offer. After all, without positive exposure, attraction just isn’t possible.

  • As much as we want it to, attraction doesn’t just happen. In addition to putting yourself out there, to build attraction you must be attractive in the eyes of your target market, and our marketing solutions are tailored for this specific purpose: to Attract China.


Attract China strives to be the leading gateway to the Chinese traveler in the eyes of our partners, employees, share holders, and the communities we serve and is dedicated to driving business through an analytic understanding of independent Chinese travelers to a curated list of the best locations and brands worldwide.

Our Core Principles


We earn trust by delivering on the goals of our customers, employees, and shareholders. We set realistic expectations and communicate them clearly.


We are here to share the awesomeness of the world with the Chinese Traveler. In order to do that, we build upon our expert knowledge base and relentlessly innovate.


We hire talented people and provide them with a cooperative environment in which to do their best work. We reward those who help the company grow.


We exhibit a positive, enthusiastic focus, embracing our successes and celebrating them together

Markets and Cities Attract China Currently Covers

$9.8 Billion
spent by Chinese
visitors to USA
in 2013

US Department of Commerce

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